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Original piece of writing. I like this one. :)

Title: Finding Wonder
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Notes: For the mini challenge at [ profile] brigits_flame
Prompt: Bring on the wonder
Wordcount: 290
Summary: She finds wonder in them all.

It's a beautiful day outside. Crisp, clear blue sky with the sun out, splashing gold everywhere as if someone has spilled a bottle of white champagne over the world. The colors seem especially bright, the sharp green of the grass, the clean grey of the sidewalk, the brilliant white of the clouds.

It's warm out, but there's an underlying chill in the air and she's glad she slipped on her favorite worn out sweater. She walks to the park, taking her time, listening to the clicking of her boots on the pavement. She settles down on her bench, the same one she always chooses and watches. She watches everyone. The group of teenagers on the swings, laughing and talking loudly with one another. The happy couple by the sandbox, stretching out on the blanket after a picnic with their two little girls. The artist leaning against a tree, sketching in his book.

She breathes in the wonder of all these people and their lives, so distant and yet so connected by each other simply by being here in the first place. She smiles out at them, wondering if they felt like she did. Wondering if they knew how special they all are.

She sees it. She knows. She knows it all, probably the only one who does. That little girl there with the cornsilk curls and the eyes like little drops of the deep blue ocean will grow up to save many lives. Her sister with the jade eyes and ink colored hair will go on to be an important figure in the world. The artist with the paint stained fingertips will create some magnificent works of true art.

She finds wonder in them all and loves them for it.
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