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Fandoms: Sons Of Anarchy: Chibs/Tig, Clay/Tig, Jax/Tig, Kozik/Tig, Gemma/Tara, Clay/Jax
The Walking Dead: Rick/Shane, Andrea/Maggie
Supernatural: Michael/Adam, Michael/Adam/Lucifer, Castiel/Gabriel, Gabriel/Michael/Lucifer, Gabriel/Lucifer, Dean/Adam, Dean/Adam/Sam
Justified: Raylan/Boyd
The Shield: Shane/Lem, Vic/Lem/Shane, Vic/Lem
The Covenant: Caleb/Reid, Caleb/Pogue/Tyler/Reid
Big Wolf on Campus: Tommy/Merton
RPF: Tommy Flanagan/Kim Coates, Andrew Lincoln/Jon Berthnal, Walton Goggins/Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins/Kenny Johnson, Walton Goggins/kenny Johnson/Timothy Olyphant


Acts: Biting (marking, nipping, chewing) I have a thing for it. XD

Orgasm denial (Fairly obvious)

Sexual movements (back arching; hips lifting; thrusting back; writhing, jerking, bucking; clenching; grinding or rocking; trembling or shivering; hooking legs around shoulders; pressing someone's legs back toward the bed; riding someone's fingers)

Domesticity (moving in together; nesting; shopping; building a family or meeting the family; getting a cat or dog; kidfic)

AUs (alternate characterizations and situations; sex between alternates of one character or between different characters; alternates as catalysts for realization of desire; role reversal; darker mirror universe characters; mistaken identity)

Fills by me:

Waiting For Your Touch - SPN, Michael/Adam, touching, kid!fic, light R for [ profile] bballgirl3022

Fly Me Away - SPN, Michael/Adam, BDSM, Clothed, Oral fixation, NC-17 for [ profile] nights_fang

All Tied Up - Suits, Harvey/Mike, Whispering, Light/Teasing Touch, Restraints, NC-17 for [ profile] sycophantastic

What You Deserve - The Covenant, OT4, Oral fixation, BDSM, UST, NC-17 for [ profile] grlkat2

Verse For Forgiveness - SPN, Dean/Adam, Hurt/Comfort/Guilt, Claiming, NC-17 for [ profile] ladyknightanka

Need - Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, Bonding, PG-13 for [ profile] zekkass

Speak To Me - The Covenant, Caleb/Reid, Intoxication, Dirty Talk, Sleepy Snuggling, NC-17 for [ profile] _bluebells

Promises, Promises - SPN, Lucifer/Gabriel, Bonding, Possessiveness, NC-17 for [ profile] cashay

Issues - SPN, Michael/Adam, Forced feminization, Aristocracy, NC-17 for [ profile] bellacatbee

Something Pretty - SPN, Dean/Adam/Sam, Oral fixation, Possessiveness, Spanking, Water, Dominance/submission NC-17 for [ profile] thedreamisreal

Played This Game Before - SPN, Castiel/Gabriel, Fix it, Revelations, PG for [ profile] shadownashira

Tiny Heart - SPN, Michael/Adam, Wing!fic, Mpreg, Cuddling, PG for [ profile] confetticas

Magical Mistakes - Avengers, Thor/Loki, Tentacles, NC-17 for [ profile] theinsaneeraser

Fight For Me - Sons Of Anarchy, Jax/Tig, Gun play, Crossdressing, NC-17 for [ profile] moonofblindness

Fills for me:
Michael/Adam, Domesticity, G by [ profile] demira_watson

The Covenant; Caleb/Reid; NC-17 (domesticity, biting, sexual movements) by [ profile] _bluebells

[SPN]: Operation Seduce Dean Winchester (Dean/Adam, biting, orgasm denial, domesticity, etc, 1/2) by [ profile] ladyknightanka

"Mating Cycle" 1/2 (Tommy/Merton, biting and sexual movements, NC-17) by [ profile] bellacatbee

Fledgelings 1/3, Domesticity/AU, PG-13, SPN, Adam/Michael/Lucifer by [ profile] cashay

Michael/Adam Domesticity

Date: 2012-04-14 01:35 am (UTC)
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Michael/Adam Domesticity, PG-13

...In which I fail at writing cute fluff.

When Adam agreed to move in with Michael, he did so with an open mind.

After all, Archangel with zero social skills. Adam smiled and planned for the worst.

He hadn’t expected Suburbia. Neat cut lawns, white picket fence…neighbours who brought you homemade muffins. But apparently his socially backward archangel had been studying (Desperate Housewives by the look of things but at least he was trying). So Adam endured the stepford wives act that now surrounded him (by ensuring the whole property was monster/demon/anything supernatural proof) and the weekly drive (a minivan? Dean still hadn’t stopped laughing) to the local supermarket for groceries because Michael seemed really pleased with his little slice of the American dream and Adam didn’t want to burst the giant fluff balls bubble.

Because Michael, God’s fiercest warrior, gave Sam Winchester a run for his money with the Puppy Dog Eyes.

“Perhaps green?” Michael suggested and Adam zoned back into their current domestic decision. Painting the spare room.

“I liked the yellow.” Adam replied holding the paint charts up and squinting his eyes to match the drying paint on the wall to the colourful blocks on the little slips of paper.

“The mustard?” Michael raised a delicate eyebrow.

“No the ‘Sunshine Daisy’ one.” Adam corrected, thanking God that Dean wasn’t there to pick at the broken pieces of Adam’s masculinity.

“Perhaps we should wait until we receive news. It’ll make the decision easier.” Michael ‘hmm’ed as he began to tidy the tester pots away.

“What news?” Adam stared at Michael’s ass as his angel bent over. The two ‘Sunshine Daisy’ handprints really stood out against the dark blue of Michael’s (and Adam’s…simply because they left nothing to the imagination, nothing) favourite jeans. Michael stood to face Adam with a serious expression and a lime green thumb print on his left cheek.

“Our child. I have already began the necessary legalities to adopt a baby.” Adam’s brain froze.

“Huh?” Michael looked exasperated, like they’d had this conversation several times before. Except they haven’t and Adam’s a little pissed off that he’s late to this particular party.

“We are adopting a child. Miss Stewart has been exceptionally helpful in the process…Though she does squeal a lot…” Michael trailed off.

“You’ve already hired a social worker? When exactly were you going to tell me we were adopting?” Adam yelled.

“Just now.” Michael responded with a smile.

“…You’re not allowed to hang around Dean anymore, you’re picking up bad habits.” Adam glared at his smug angel.

“Is that your consent?” Michael asked, a hint of worry in his voice. Adam sighed.

“I’ve not said ‘no’ to you yet. Not going to start now.” Michael beamed and Adam figured sleepless nights and football games or recitals were worth it. “I’m not changing the diaper.”

“Yes you will…” Michael returned to tucking the tester pots back into their plastic bag.

“I don’t why I love you.” Adam huffed.

“But you do.” Michael mumbled, a little sing-song like. Adam snorted, Yeah he did.

Re: Michael/Adam Domesticity

Date: 2012-04-14 02:36 am (UTC)
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Ahhhh, this is so cute and I love it! Thank you, bb. :D

Re: Michael/Adam Domesticity

Date: 2012-04-14 02:45 am (UTC)
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Your welcome m'dearie =)

Re: Michael/Adam Domesticity

Date: 2012-04-15 12:55 am (UTC)
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Aw, so sweet. You're just like Dean, Adam. You're soft for your angel, so just give in. ♥
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Caleb's mother left to travel the world and rediscover herself (her peace) after her husband's death. The family home was a mausoleum before, but once Caleb found himself alone in its vast walls, it almost overcame him.

Reid, Tyler, and Pogue moved in the next week.

When the central heating broke, and it became apparent none of them had prepared firewood, Tyler was the one who sat down with the manual to fix it, waving off Reid's offers to resolve it with power. Tyler ran errands with Caleb to buy spare lightbulbs and milk, but Tyler was always the first to realise when they were running low.

Pogue usually ended up over the stove resurrecting one of his mother's recipes. When the days were longer than most at the garage, he would let Reid call for take-away.

When Reid wasn't tearing up the property in Tyler's hummer to race Pogue, he could be found in the library nurturing his quiet love of books. Reid's contribution to the household was to be insufferable when he actually had a helpful piece of advice (and because Reid read so much in his spare time, he had plenty to share). He was also the first one to hook an arm around their shoulder after a grueling day out in the real world.

Caleb stood back and watched them make their place in his home. They were messy, loud, and sometimes Caleb wanted to throw them over the balcony, but he remembered how he'd been drowning in the silence without them.

He couldn't relinquish their imperfect harmony or the way they laughed and shoved at each other. They didn't always regroup together at the end of the day. Sometimes Tyler and Pogue didn't want anything to do with Caleb and Reid because they were exhausted, or Reid had been particularly annoying that day and Pogue's threat to kill hill with a dictionary was still potent.

Caleb's strength was calling the ceasefires. Pogue and Tyler were easier to negotiate. Reid would glare. He eventually learned to stand still, but sometimes the best way to get Reid to listen wasn't on his feet at all.

Reid would groan and hiss as Caleb pressed him down to the bed. Reid didn't tear at Caleb's clothes so much these days after Caleb pointed out how much of his wardrobe had been ruined by Reid's impatience. But what Reid couldn't destroy of Caleb's clothes, he exchanged for marking the older warlock's skin, scraping teeth along Caleb's chest; biting sharp, sucking kisses to his collarbone, waiting to be stopped.

Caleb tangled his fingers in the mess of Reid's pale hair, and just held him closer.

Caleb would guide Reid to wrap his legs around Caleb's shoulders, hips lifted into his lap, and he never got tired of feeling the exhale tremble through Reid's body when Caleb ground in between his thighs. Reid's grip on his arms could bruise. Caleb wore a lot of long-sleeved shirts these days.

Bowing over Reid, he rested his head on the pillow to soak in Reid's soft groans every time he arched up to meet Caleb's long, slow thrusts. His back arched under Caleb's fingers as Caleb sank down, bearing his full weight between Reid's thighs to spread them further and pin them to the bed.

“Ugh, Cay,” Reid groaned, strained between pain and bliss, writhing when Caleb began rocking into him again.

Some days they fucked rough and fast, but there was something to be said for having the whole night (sometimes the weekend) to take their time.

He loved to fuck Reid hard and lazy, feeling Reid's heat clench around him until Reid's sighs turned to whimpers, and he begged as much as he promised to kill Caleb in fresh and disturbingly obscure ways unless Caleb brought him off in the next second. It was one of the rare times Reid could remember how to ask for something.

Caleb always took pity, kissing the pleas from his lips with a tight hand around his cock until Reid was gasping and clinging, breathless in his release.

“You're such a jerk,” Reid said. Caleb would smirk and kiss his sated smile.

They were four warlocks living under the same roof, but when Reid leaned on Caleb's shoulder, hugging against his side; when it was right and Pogue didn't look so fed up with them, when that soft blush coloured Tyler's cheeks, that was the real magic.
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THIS. THIS IS MAGIC! This is perfect! kcnsodfndfjnsdfsoib

I love it so much! Them moving into Caleb's place, each of them find their niche in it and keeping it running, Reid's love of books, Pogue cooking, and Tyler running errands with Caleb!

From: [identity profile]

I'm glad you liked it, you are more than welcome. ♥
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It hurts, at first, when Dean comes out and tells him, “I don't... I can't see you as a brother, Adam. I just can't. Sorry.”

Only at first.

Okay, so it's true. Adam jerks himself off thinking of Dean sometimes and maybe that isn't the kind of thing you do with your brother, but in Adam's defense, he's never had a brother to jerk off to before. Maybe it is the norm, for all he knows.

He knows Sam is Dean's One True Brother (capitalization and trademark required), but the thing is, Dean thinks of Cas all bromantically, too. It's only Adam he stares at for long periods of time, then looks away from quickly when Adam tries to catch his gaze; it's only Adam who pisses Dean off by doing something innocuous like ordering a vanilla ice cream cone during their down time.

So Adam does what he thinks is best, although he really has been enjoying the community feel that developed between them all. He sits Sam down, takes his hand (because Sam is sensitive and appreciates shit like that) and says, “I think I should go.”

Sam blinks at him, then asks, “Where? Dean's at the supermarket now. I'm sure he'll remember you like two percent milk.”

“No, you dunce,” Adam grumbles. He releases Sam's hand like it bit him and glowers at it a moment, before trying again, slow and patient, in the same tone he'd use on one of his boy-scouts. “I think Dean hates me. And, yeah, I know you adore me, but it's time I got outta your hair. You'd only get bitter if I put a wedge between you and Dean.”

Sam stares. Adam stares back. He thinks he did a really valiant job getting his message across, but when Sam says, “You're right. You should go,” it still feels like a punch to the gut.

“Wow, Sam, cry more, why don'tcha?” he mutters, wishing he'd never taken Sam's hand; mean moose don't deserve kindness. He mutters as much under his breath and Sam quirks an eyebrow at him, a smirk crooking his lips. Just as loudly, Adam adds how some people just aren't meant to leer like that. Sam's cheery expression melts into what Dean calls his bitchface.

“What I mean,” Sam says, “is that you should leave and take Dean with you. Go on a trip, just the two of you. Try living together a while. Cas and I are tired of your pining, man. It's pathetic.”

Adam scowls, lips twisted into a pout. “Dude, I'm so far from pathetic. Michael will vouch. I'm fucking awesome.”

“I'm sure your blue balls agree.” Sam smirk widens.

Adam scrunches his nose and replies, “Dude, don't talk about my balls. That's gross.”

“I won't, but only because Dean would rather talk about them. And touch them.” Sam's face crumples, as well. “Bad thoughts.” He clears his throat and gathers his bearings again, forehead crinkled in determination now. “Seriously, though, Adam, he cares about you. A lot. I've never seen him go without girls for as long as he has, so if you want him, too, and I know you do 'cause I've seen you two eyefuck each other, do something about it. Hash it out like healthy people in a relationship, at least this once.”

Adam's eyes round at Sam's conviction, but he mumbles, “Okay,” then inhales a deep breath to steel his nerves as much as Sam's. “You think you could leave a while?” he asks, to which Sam nods like an enthusiastic puppy. It becomes a matter of wearing Dean down, afterward.

When Dean returns to their motel room from the supermarket, no one but Adam, dressed in nothing but one of Dean's older plaid shirts, is there. Dean drops his shopping bags and stammers, “A-Adam?”

“In the flesh. Literally.” Adam swipes his tongue across his grinning lips and watches Dean follow the motion with wide eyes. He crooks a finger to beckon Dean forward, to the bed where he already sits. “Sam's out. Seems to think we needed some brotherly bonding time.”

Dean's eyes flick away and his cheeks flush red. “If this is some kinda joke, kid,” he grumbles, trailing off to leave the threat in the air.
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“It's not.” Adam stands and lopes closer to Dean. The shirt is long enough that it brushes his thighs and sashays with his hips. He drops his hand on a prone Dean's shoulder and relishes in the tense muscles he feels beneath his touch. “It's not at all. I want you to stop pussyfooting, Dean, and fuck me.”

Dean responds by gathering Adam up in his arms and mashing their mouths together. It's a violent kiss. Their tongues writhe like snakes in love and their teeth clash, but Adam links his arms behind Dean's neck all the same, unable to do anything but lean into his solid warmth. The room is so small that the bed immediately to their rear meets Adam's knees when they stumble back. They fall into a pile of tangled limbs on top of it.

“Gonna make you feel so good,” Dean growls against Adam's lips, hands all over Adam already, tearing at his shirt till its buttons pop off and stroking his naked thighs.

Adam whimpers when Dean dips his head low and pushes the shirt up, till it's bunched above Adam's nipples. These, Dean tweaks with a playful smirk, but before Adam can demand he do something else with his wandering hands, Dean's fingertips paint their way down to Adam's hips, then lower. Dean's surprisingly elegant digits wind around Adam's legs, tight enough that they'll leave bruises in the morning, while Dean kneels till his mouth is level with Adam's cock.

“Hnnn.” Adam presses his knuckles against his lips to reign in mewls. Dean licks a swipe from his balls to the tip of his cock, tongue heavy there, curling at the leaking slit. Adam's fist does nothing to muffle his wail when Dean swallows him whole, bobbing his head to deep throat his swollen crown.

The palm of one hand still splayed under the area beneath Adam's knee, Dean extricates his other hand to roll and fondle Adam's balls, then shifts them aside, wedges them almost painfully under the base of his cock, to prod at Adam's hole. Dean's finger is dry, but with Sam gone, Adam had time aplenty to prep himself. Dean slides in with little resistance and Adam clings to the bedsheets on either side of him, to avoid tugging on Dean's hair.

“I think I'm gonna–” he starts to say, but Dean pulls away with an obscene 'pop' before he can, teeth bared in a grin.

“Uh-uh, baby boy, not yet,” Dean says. Adam glares and flexes his fingers, thinking he should have pulled, after all, but then Dean's mouth plants wetly on his stomach and he stops caring. Dean crawls on top of him and says, “Lift your legs high as they go.”

Adam does as he's bid and Dean grips one in one large hand, guiding the tip of his cock inside Adam with the other. When it's pressed an inch in, he takes Adam's other leg, too, and pushes both back with his first deep thrust, sheathing himself entirely. Adam groans at the faint burn, but bucks his hips up into Dean's jabs.

Dean hooks Adam's knees onto his shoulders and lowers himself. He mouths at Adam's neck and chest, sharps nips and sucks that will leave hickeys, red badges of courage Stephen Crane probably wouldn't ever want to envision – or maybe he will. It's the slight pain of Dean's teeth around his nipple that pushes Adam over the edge. He orgasms on both their bellies. Dean slams into him a few more times, the slap of their skin echoing in the room, then comes himself.

They fall together into a half-bare, breathless, sticky heap, Adam tracing patterns in the mess atop Dean's abs. “Sam thinks we should take a trip. Just us.” He's quiet and cautious. The sex was great, mind-blowing even, but this is Dean Winchester. He's so promiscuous, he makes porn-stars seem like devout monks and he's definitely had mind-blowing sex before. For all Adam knows, Dean may go back to ignoring him and sulking.

Instead, Dean smiles into his hair and says, “Yeah. Sounds good. Always wanted to see the Grand Canyon.” He trails off and his breathing steadies. Adam allows his own mouth to cant into a crooked beam, then curls up in Dean's arms and also falls asleep.

A few hours later, they realize they forgot to lock the door when Sam announces his return with a shouted, “Cas, zap me outta here! I think I'm blind!”

Oh well.
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I love all the things in this! Every single thing! ALL THE LOVE! Seriously this is perfect and I love you! <333333
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“Please don’t probe me.”

“Tommy, Tommy. What makes you think I was going to do that?” Merton hid the long, thin metal probe behind his back and gave his friend a wide smile. “I’m just trying to study you for science.”

“For research you can never show anyone?” Tommy reminded him, fidgeting back and forth. Wolfing out because he couldn’t control his emotions was something Tommy had learned to control but wolfing out because of an erection was a new and troubling development. Standing in Merton’s bedroom naked, with his paws hiding his erection, was even worse and he wasn’t about to let Merton near him with anything intended to go inside him.

It would end up like that late night movie Merton had made him watch. The one about alien abductions that he wasn’t sure wasn’t porn but Merton said the sexual overtones were a metaphor for the way in which society probed the individual. Tommy just thought there were a lot of dick-shaped objects getting stuck up some poor frat boy’s ass.

“Yes, but…” Merton finally set down the thin metal probe and Tommy breathed a sigh of relief although his cock jolted painfully. “I…uh, I think you might be going into a mating cycle and I wanted to see if you responded to any external stimulation.”

“Pervert.” Tommy muttered, glancing down at his cock which was painfully hard now. The idea of external stimulation didn’t appeal to him and he clenched his cheeks, certain he really didn’t want Merton sticking anything into him. Merton tapped his fingers against the desk.

“This is your alpha wolf thing again, isn’t it?” He muttered, more to himself than to Tommy and settled at his computer, tapping away. “Can I measure it? I want to see if you’re bigger in wolf form.”

“Eww, Merton!”

“For science!”

“No!” Tommy snapped, willing his erection to wilt away but it wouldn’t. He sniffed the air, the only scent he could detect Merton and that made him feel slightly calmer. He’d been out for a run, running past Merton’s house and suddenly he’d been wolfing out and hard. Thank goodness Merton had been at home because Tommy didn’t know what he would have done if Merton hadn’t been there. Running with an erection was not fun. He just felt good near Merton, safe near him. His dick throbbed painfully and Tommy groaned.

“So, this mating cycle?” He murmured and Merton looked up at him happily. “Do I have to have sex to stop it?”

“Yes.” Merton’s voice wavered a little and there was a blush in his pale cheeks. “I…um…might be a little harder to find a girl who doesn’t mind you all wolfy though?”

Tommy groaned again. He hadn’t considered that.

“Of course,” Merton said, licking his lips. “There’s always another option. I mean, I could help you, Tommy.”

Tommy wanted to tell Merton not to be so stupid, that they were friends and he wasn’t gay but his dick gave a twitch of interest and he felt his fangs lengthening.

“Okay.” He said, nodding and Merton’s face lit up with the brightest smile Tommy had ever seen. Tommy couldn’t help the growl that came out of his mouth and he’s fast when he wants to be. He was behind Merton in a flash, pulling him out of the computer chair and shoving him over the desk. Merton landed with his face smashed up against the keyboard, a number of odd letter combinations appearing on the computer screen.

“My research!” He yelped

“Hands on research is more important!” Tommy gasped, bending over him and rutting against Merton’s back side. Merton quieted down with that, little half-gasps escaping him and Tommy leant forward, nuzzling the back of his neck – smelling the hair gel and gothic aftershave that made up Merton’s scent. It was intoxicating and it made him harder still.
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“Merton, I need to…” He couldn’t say the words. He was Tommy Dawkins. He was on the Football team. He was a werewolf. He did not fuck his best guy friend. But Merton was squirming underneath him, making the sort of noises that drove Tommy crazy. He yanked down Merton’s pants, rubbing at the creamy white globes of his ass and then pulled them apart, letting his cock slide between them, heading rubbing against Merton’s hole.

“Wait! Tommy, wait!” Merton’s voice penetrated the lust fuelled fog that surrounded him and Tommy held back, a low growl issuing from his throat because he wanted to be inside the other boy and he didn’t want to have to wait. Merton pulled the desk draw open, fingers scrambling about till he found a little tube and he pulled it out, turning over slightly so hand it to Tommy. “You have to get me wet. I’m not a girl. Not that you shouldn’t try foreplay with girls either, Tommy. No wonder you never have a date!”

Tommy uncapped the little tube, not bothering to listen to Merton any longer because he didn’t need his technique criticised. He got himself slick, coating his dick and then rubbed his fingers round the rim of Merton’s hole, watching in fascination as it gave and the other boy opened up to him. Merton tensed for a moment and Tommy leant over him, pressing kisses to the back of his neck until Merton relaxed, welcoming the intrusion of Tommy’s fingers. He fucked him briefly with them, just enough to get Merton open and wet and then pulled back.

Merton gasped, hips trying to follow, canting back to get those fingers in him and Tommy felt something in the wolf side of him snap. Merton wanted to be mated. Merton was begging for it and Tommy couldn’t hold back any longer. He pressed the head of his cock into Merton with one hard shove that had Merton biting his lip to keep from calling out. Merton’s sister was home. Tommy really didn’t want her coming downstairs and getting an eyeful of this. He’d never live it down at school, Becky would tell everyone and this was supposed to be private. Tommy didn’t want anyone else intruding on this moment.

Merton rocked his hips back, whimpering softly and Tommy fed him a little more of his cock, slipping in inch by inch till he was comfortably settled inside the other boy. Merton was hot around him, squeezing his cock like a vice and Tommy knew this had been what he need, what the wolf was searching for.

The pace he set was brutal, shoving Merton higher onto the desk, the computer in danger of toppling off and Merton scrabbled under him - alternately trying to pull away or trying to push back. Tommy covered him with his bigger form, keeping him pinned and bit down on the back of his neck. He wasn’t going to let him move. He was going to hold Merton there and fuck him till this mating cycle was over. Merton collapsed under him, whimpering softly and he clenched even tighter. Tommy was aware of a new scent in the air, the smell of Merton’s come and he drove back into him, little bucks that just carried him further into that warmth till he was coming too, howl muffled by Merton’s skin.

He lay on top of his friend for a little while, licking the red mark he’d left on the back of Merton’s neck and then finally pulled away. He ached all over but he was back to his normal self now, no wolf left. He just had no idea how he could ever face Merton. He risked a glance at the other boy to see Merton straightening himself up, Tommy’s come dripping down the backs of his thighs. He felt the wolf stating to stir again and looked away quickly.

“Alpah wolf.” Merton said in a slightly dreamy tone. “But I still think you should let me probe you. You might find you like it!”
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This is so awesome, bb. I love it to itty bitty pieces. Thank you so much!
From: [identity profile]
This is like my first BWoC fic. Because I love you, obviously. I've only read it before. I'm glad you liked it, honey!
From: [identity profile]
You are way too awesome! <333333 So much love for you and this fic. :D :D :D
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I gave on trying to title this.

It's one of the little competitions they have – Michael and Lucifer – when they aren't trying to covet Adam in every way possible, or figure out newer additions to the house. They try and see who can turn on Adam the most with their innocent actions. Innocent Adam's ass. There's nothing innocent about Lucifer sashaying about the house in his sleepwear, or sucking on his pen, or Michael stretching at odd moments back arched like a fucking cat, or doing those half naked boxer plus apron cooking sessions he seems to love so much.

Normally one would think it's a good thing, since Adam is clearly the winner either way. After all he's clearly living out the gay version of the twin threesome fantasy. And yeah Adam will admit it's nice, for reasons other than the sex.

But what most people don't realise that Adam lives with two infuriating archangel twins as lovers who turn everything into a competition, always want attention, make it fucking impossible for Adam to stay mad at them for long, and are fucking cock-teases who like keeping him in a constant state of arousal. Oh he loves the both of them, but having a permanent boner is not that fun. Especially during exam week, which has always turned Adam into a wreck well before the supernatural decided to be a part of his life. And he could do without their well meaning distractions adding to his nervousness. And you know being left alone peacefully to study. Though he won't lie he appreciates the endless supply of exotic and perfectly brewed coffee and shoulder rubs from Michael, and random little notes and quizzes Lucifer makes for him to help him. Those he can totally do with.

But this? This right now, bumfuck early in the morning with only four hours left before his exam? Four precious hours, two hundred and forty valuable gems of minutes that Adam can use to revise, yet some more? This he doesn't need.

“Seriously guys, I'm good,” Adam tries to reason and squirm from their combined grip, “I need to revise.”

Michael responds with a frown pressed into Adam shoulder as he thrusts his fingers up inside Adam. It makes Adam shiver and buck straight into Lucifer's hot mouth, before Lucifer pulls away with an audible 'pop'.

“Adam, you've revised. You already know everything. I quizzed you last night. You're just nervous.” Lucifer counters stroking his hand along the inside of Adam's thighs.

“And tense. Revising now, just normally makes you more stressed, and you don't need that going into your exam. It hinders your performance.” Michael adds, with another nip to his shoulder and a thrust of his fingers.

Adam wants to argue, that if he's already tense and worried, them sandwiching him between them and trying to get him off, won't really help. Especially when they've ended up turning it into yet another competition about which one of them can get Adam to come first, and then cockblocking him every time he's close. Damn fucking archangels.
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Michael twists his fingers inside Adam causing him to arch his hips at the spark of pleasure that follows. Lucifer obviously not liking it, decides to spread Adam's legs wider, and go right back to licking and sucking Adam off, making Adam moan and thrust into his mouth. And Michael, obviously not liking that decides to add yet another finger inside Adam to fuck him with. And then it just keeps going on from there, each of them trying to up the ante and thwart the other from making Adam cum first. It keeps going on until Adam is left panting and rocking between Michael's fingers and Lucifer's mouth, shaking and trembling with his need to just fucking come already.

“Please.” Adam half begs, half sobs out, and thankfully they do seem to take pity on his poor human body and finally let him come, hard enough that he see white, and it leaves him a little light-headed.

Adam sags against Michael's chest, who slowly settles them back to bed, stroking Adam's hip. Lucifer joins them moments later, fingers carding in Adam's hair rubbing gently along his scalp. Adam mewls happily at the attention.

“Breakfast?” Michael asks. Adam hums happily at the idea, and let's the archangels manoeuvre him so that he's now spooning against Lucifer instead of Michael, as Michael leaves the bed.

“Think you're up for another quiz?” Lucifer asks as he continues to play with Adam's hair, and Adam rendered stupid by his orgasm, nods, not quite understanding or caring about anything rather than snuggling against the archangel.

By the time he realises that he's been played, again by his archangels, he's already entering the college building. And considering the look Michael shoots him, it tells him that Michael is not above pulling the same stunt he and Lucifer pulled in the morning, again, solo, and possibly in public.

When Adam gets back home, he's so going to make them both sleep on the fucking living room floor for a month. If he fails he'll do worse, like ban sex for about two months. He ends up following through on both ideas.

For all about two days filled with delicious food, and new and interesting books before Adam's resolves cracks and he gives in, and he's back in bed between two smug archangels. And it's not the first time Adam has wondered how he got stuck in this.

But to be honest, it's not like he minds it anyway.
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“Okay, what the hell is this?”

When Adam had left this morning to go to university the house had been a bit messy but nothing out of the ordinary, now it was utter chaos. The corridor had been acceptable but the living room looked like a pillow factory had vomited into it rather violently – if pillow factories could vomit, but that wasn't the point.

The point was that their living room could as well have been an improvised padded cell with all the mats, pillows and blanket that were covering the whole room.

Black curtains stopped any light coming in through the windows but there were new lamps as well, bathing the room in a warm, comforting glow. And who the hell left the heating on?

"Lucifer? Michael? Get here right now!" Adam bellowed, not sure if he was supposed to be angry or not.

He could see something moving under a mountain of blankets and a second later Lucifer's head appeared. The archangel looked grumpy and rather unhappy that Adam had dared to shout but he didn't make a move to get out of his hiding spot.

“Adam!” Michael suddenly appeared behind him, surprise coloring his voice. “You weren't supposed to be home for another hour. We aren't done yet!”

“Done with what?” Adam asked, slightly creeped out by the sheer amount of blankets and pillows and not to forget Lucifer glowering from between them.

“The nest.” Michael sounded reverently when he said that, looking at Lucifer with more love and affection than the current death glare warranted.

“The nest.” Adam knew he sounded stupid but he had no clue what Michael was talking about and he was starting to get the feeling that he was missing something important here, something he shouldn't miss.

“Yes, the nest. Lucifer is nearly ready to conceive, soon we're going to have our own little eggs.” Michael cooed while Lucifer just snarled at the words, clearly not as excited as Michael.

Adam felt rather speechless. He had no clue what was going on though he was fairly sure they weren't talking about a chicken egg. From what he remembered of Castiel explaining to Dean how he had been able to get a child from Gabriel though they were both guys Adam was sure that angels weren't able to get pregnant often. He thought Castiel said something about it happening every few hundred years and even then it wasn't guaranteed.

But honestly, he didn't remember much he had been too busy playing with a little ball of feathers under Gabriel's watchful eyes. And he remember even less about the lecture he had gotten before he had been able to meet Michael for the first time.

He felt a hand on his arm and allowed Michael to pull him away from a more and more aggressive and agitated Lucifer. Once they were in their old bedroom – which now seemed to hold all the stuff the two angels had pulled out of the living room – Michael turned him around and forced him to look at him.

“Adam. This is very important for us. I know you don't feel ready for a child but it's probably the only chance in quite a while for Lucifer to get a baby from you, love.”

Pulling himself together Adam tried to process what was going on though he already felt like he was failing spectacularly.

“Wait. So Lucifer can get pregnant?”

Michael seemed a bit disappointed by the fact that he clearly had no clue what was going on but unlike Lucifer he had the self-control to try and explain things even when he thought everyone should know them.

“Not exactly pregnant. We have a mating cycle and once every few hundred years we can create a new being from our grace. But it doesn't always work. Grace can only be bound together by affection so the parties involved need to have a very close relationship for it to work.”

Rather overwhelmed Adam rubbed his hand over his forehead, grabbing his hair in worry before letting go again. Now that he was paying attention to Michael he realized the angel looked drawn and nervous. He might be just as afraid as Lucifer had appeared.

“So now Lucifer can have a baby with you?” he asked, ignoring the twinge of jealousy. If Lucifer and Michael could create a baby he wouldn't be an asshole about it.

“Not with me. With us. It doesn't matter that I'm not in mating season or that you're human. We can have a baby all of our own.”
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His head spinning Adam reached out a hand towards the door to try and steady himself. A baby. He never gave much thought about children, especially not when he ended up falling in love with two angels. No one would allow them to adopt a child.

But suddenly he was confronted with the very real possibility to be a father and not only adopting someone but actually having a child – not that there was anything wrong with adoption, this just felt different.

“Wow. Just... wow.” Adam murmured more to himself than to Michael.

“Are you... okay?”

Michael still had problems with colloquial terms though he was getting better. And so far Adam had stopped Lucifer from teaching him any swearwords, no wonder the other angel called him the devil.

“A bit overwhelmed.” Adam admitted, pulling his mind away from the random thoughts that he always came up with when he was stressed out.

Michael took a step forward but before he could take Adam in his arms – which was clearly his intention because Michael was one of those people that believed hugging it out solved everything – and thus distract him from his questions the human had put a hand on his chest to stop him.

“So why is Lucifer not overjoyed?”

It seemed he hit a nerve since suddenly Michael looked rather uncomfortable in his skin and took a step backwards. So much for hugging it out it seemed. Instead of answering he fidgeted with the rim of his shirt.

Sometimes Adam was surprised how human the two archangels would end up acting. Though Lucifer had been exposed to humans a lot more than Michael neither one had ever really learned how to talk things out. Angels didn't have conflicts, they obeyed. And those who didn't shy away from conflicts – like Lucifer – got thrown out.

“You know how he got assigned to another human... before?”

Ah, so this was the reason why Michael was so hesitant, he never liked to talk about before. Adam could understand that well, though he barely knew anything about what Lucifer had been doing before he had come to them he knew that he had been thrown out of the angelic community and that there were obviously many wounds that had yet to heal.

“Yeah. Neither of you ever told me what happened.”

Unconsciously fluffing out his wings Michael began to pace the room. If the situation wasn't that serious Adam would have called it adorable.

“He got assigned to a guy named Nick.” Michael sighed and raked a hand through his hair. “You know assignments don't always work out. Sometimes the elders were wrong and the pair isn't right for each other. Sometimes they simply already love someone else. Whatever it is, failing isn't acceptable in the citadel.”

Already dreading where this was going Adam suddenly longed for simply hugging it out. He made a noncommittal noise, urging Michael on while at the same time he wasn't really sure he wanted to hear it.

“Nick was already in love with another women but they were very accommodating despite that and when Lucifer's mating time came Nick even consented to giving him children because he wanted to see Lucifer happy. But then his wife and child were killed while Lucifer was in the process of forming the new beings.”

Michael sighed and Adam allowed himself to touch the wings of his mate in a comforting gesture.

“Let's say it didn't end well between the two and after loosing his children Lucifer is scarred. Loosing something you're creating from your grace means having a part of you literally ripped out. It happening so violently... it is a miracle Lucifer didn't become insane.”

On a lighter day Adam would have argued that Lucifer was insane because honestly, there was no doubt about it. And if he wasn't so sure of Lucifer's love and devotion he would have worried about his life sometimes.

“Okay. So we're gonna have babies and we're not gonna do anything stupid.”
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He could dwell later on what happened to Lucifer but this was a once in a lifetime – well more like a once in a long time – chance and he just knew Lucifer would make a great dad, so would Michael and he could see how much both of them desired it, even Lucifer who behaved like a pissed-of, hungry crocodile, lurking under his blankets.

Michael seemed to be surprised by his sudden resolve but what else had he thought would happen? He knew Adam and he knew the Winchester's stubbornness, he certainly wasn't going to run away screaming.

“One last question? How does it actually work? I mean do we have sex?”

Michael snorted like Adam had said something incredibly dumb and once more he regretted that he had never paid more attention when people tried to tell him things about angels.

“Of course not. Forging a being from the parts of three different essences is a very difficult process and you need a lot of concentration if you don't want to screw it up. So until the babies are born there will be absolutely no sex.”

And there probably wouldn't be any sex when the babies where there either since babies tended to take up a lot of your time. But Adam found he wasn't even really bothered by it. And not once did he think about how it would influence his studies. Honestly, he didn't care for much right now that wasn't a baby.

He wondered if Lucifer was giving up some kind of pheromone that was causing this or if he was simply going crazy.

“So then what do we do?”

“Be close to him, show and tell him how much he means to us. Remember what is needed to hold the eggs together until they're ready to hatch is a strong connection.”

Adam took one deep breath and nodded. Okay, he could do this. Thankfully he wasn't as impaired when it came to showing affection as Dean was. Grabbing Michael's hand he dragged him towards the living room, ignoring the protests that they weren't completely ready yet.

When he stepped into the living room Lucifer snarled again and Adam was sure that his wings would be raised aggressively if they weren't hidden under a giant mountain of blankets. Only Lucifer's head was sticking out but he seemed ready to hide that too as soon as there was some sign of danger.

Letting go of Michael Adam stalked forward with a confidence he wasn't feeling and knelt down in front of the aggressive Lucifer, looking him firmly into the eyes.

“Lucifer. I love you. I am not going to abandon you, no matter what happens. We are going to have those fledgelings together, you, me and Michael. This is going to work out and we are going to be happy. So don't be afraid because we will not let anything happen to you or our children.”

Something that he had said must have gotten through because he suddenly had an arm full of Lucifer, his wings protectively curving around them.

“I love you too.” the archangel murmured, pressing soft butterfly kisses against Adam's skin.

Adam smiled and pulled Lucifer as close as possible, gently nuzzling his neck. Suddenly there was movement behind him and then Michael appeared behind Lucifer, pressing against his back and sneaking his arms around Lucifer's waist so their lover was held by both of them. Michael's wings came around them too, blanketing Lucifer's in a loving gesture.

“Everything will be fine love. Trust me.” Michael added, his head comfortably nestled in the crook of Lucifer's neck.

“I love you both.” Lucifer mumbled, the tension visibly draining from him.

“We love you too.”

Though he had never though about it before suddenly Adam was sure that becoming a father was going to be the best thing that would ever happen to him – after Lucifer and Michael of course.


AN: So yeah it got a bit out of hand and there might be a sequel because I really want to see the three of them with babies but we'll see how much time I'll have^^

I hope you enjoyed!
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This is so awesome! Thank you, bb. Sorry I haven't commented sooner, but I do love this very much. It's got the right touch of angst and adorable imagery and I love love love it!


Afternoon Fun, Michael/Adam, Kid fic, PG

Date: 2012-06-16 01:53 am (UTC)
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“That oughta do it,” Adam says dumping the last bucket full of water into the inflatable pool. He pokes the side with the toe of his shoe and watches the waves ripple until it settles back into a smooth surface.

“Are you quite certain this is a good idea?” questions Michael from his perch on a somewhat dilapidated lawn chair Adam had found in Bobby’s garage.

Adam looks over to where their little girl sits next to Michael’s feet tugging errant strands of grass. Their daughter is decked out in the bright pink swimsuit they bought a few days ago. Grace insisted on this one because of the flowers. Flowers are fast becoming her favorite thing. Bobby even let them sequester off a bit of the backyard to start a garden. Grace picked out most of the buds herself and absolutely loves dragging her tiny watering can out in the afternoon to water the flowers.

Michael lathered every inch of her exposed skin with sunscreen and spent a majority of the morning figuring out how to blow up the little water-wings that adorn her arms.

“I think we’ve taken every precaution,” replies Adam watching Grace toddle over toward the pool.

“Daddy, can I play in the pool now?” Grace asks eyes pleading as she tugs on Adam’s shorts. Adam looks over to Michael leaving the final decision up to his mate.

“I suppose that would be acceptable,” the angel says and Grace shrieks gleefully and bounds over to the pool. She gets stuck as he little legs aren’t quite long enough to get her over the inflatable barrier. Adam reaches down to help her out.

“I trust you can sufficiently watch her while I retrieve Jacob for his afternoon feeding.”

Adam gives a long-suffering sigh, “I am capable of acting like a responsible adult when it suits me.” Michael deems this response acceptable and heads off to take their months old son off Bobby’s hands for a while.

Grace loves the water. She spends the next hour splashing around, getting Adam soaked and even managing to splash Michael a few times, but at Michael's disapproving looks.

The afternoon doesn't turn out too bad. Adam's nose and the back of his neck are pinker than usual. Grace gets tuckered out from all the aquatic fun and falls asleep after only one story. Michael even manages to smile a few times, though mostly he sits in the shade while Jacob -wearing one of the pink baby bonnets his sister has out grown- naps peacefully on his chest for the majority of the afternoon.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Adam says later that evening after the kids are tucked in bed.

"I suppose your ideas of family fun aren't completely terrible," Michael concedes and Adam kisses him to wipe the smug smile off his face.

Re: Afternoon Fun, Michael/Adam, Kid fic, PG

Date: 2012-06-16 01:55 am (UTC)
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Thank you bb! I adore this so much! <33333