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Birthdate:Mar 22
Location:Texas, United States of America

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Who am I? I think that's the hardest question to answer. For me anyway. I am constantly changing and ever moving. I am the Lucifer to ladyknightanka's Michael, _bluebells' Gabriel, and zekkass' Raphael.

I am also ladyknightanka's penguin. I wouldn't fight with her over this. She knows defensive penguin procedures to prove that I am hers.

I am also dr_jasley's peppermint tea twin.

stharridan is the other half of my Sons Of Anarchy fangirl soul.

disturbinglynic and I make an awesome plotting team that writes really hot porn.

The reason I put all of this here is because I think we're not only defined by our own selves and actions, but by the people around us as well.
I adore fandom. All my fandoms. Even the bad parts because what family doesn't have its own set of problems? I don't think I could ever give up fandom because that would be like giving up my family. I love you all too much to do that. very smol and very tired and probably pretty stressed out.

So this is me. This is who I am. Make of me what you will.
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